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Our Past History

Naval Academy

Naval Academy

Marine Technologies, Inc. was begun as strictly a commercial diving company. After incorporating in 1992, we expanded our services to meet the needs of our growing client base. Over time, we added a Heavy Marine Division and staffed it with proven professionals. We acquired a tremendous amount of equipment and added additional staff to operate and maintain it. We raised the already high standards of excellence we required in our personnel and offered additional training.


Our Present

Marine Technology Heavy  Duty Equipement

MTI Heavy Equipment

Over the years, we have continued to grow and flourish even during economic downturns. We attribute this remarkable achievement to our commitment to our customers. Their repeat business attests to their satisfaction. We continue to service the needs of customers we started with more than two decades ago, and we add to our client base each year. As a result of our strong commitment to superior performance, we are pleased to include among our customers general contractors, utility companies, government agencies, engineering firms, petroleum companies, chemical plants, power plants, port authorities, shipping agencies, and a host of other private and industrial clients.


Our Future

MTI Satisfaction

MTI Satisfaction

As we look to the future, we see the potential for additional growth and reaching new markets. However, we will continue to retain that small company commitment to our personnel and our customers. Additionally, we will continue to achieve results and outperform the competition without sacrificing safety and while maintaining our customers’ complete satisfaction.