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Repairs at Dundalk Marine Terminal

Maryland Port Administration
Repairs to Berths 1–4, Repairs Contract 512015, Dundalk Marine Terminal

Client: Maryland Port Administration
401 E. Pratt St., Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Project Start: May, 2013
Project Completion: June, 2014

MTI, Inc. Key Personnel: Project Manager – Jeff Phillips
Project Superintendent – Sean Francis

This project consisted of extensive repairs at Dundalk Marine Terminal in Baltimore, Maryland, owned by the Maryland Port Administration. Such repairs included, but were not limited to underwater inspections and upgrading bollards to 200-T capacity. This required the removal of existing wharf and driving 16” pipe piles, forming and installing a new bollard foundation. We also excavated ballast and put a lower concrete slab on the existing wharf and a timber deck to upgrade the wharf capacity. Also, a new sheet pile wall was installed in areas strategic to ship stern ramps for added wharf stability.

Again, this is but one of many similar projects we have performed for the Maryland Port Administration. As with all Port projects, this project involved obtaining security clearance for all personnel involved, coordinating with ship traffic, other contractors, and the activities at the marine terminal. The complexity of coordinating all parties and completing a job safely and on time can be astounding, but we have done so time and time again, and we can complete your project in the same manner.



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