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Client:   Maryland Port Administration

Project Start:                 February 2016
Project Completion:     July 2018

Marine Technologies, Inc. Key Personnel:
Project Manager:                Howard Sprinkle
Project Superintendent:    Chuck Hyer

Owner's Representative:  Jacob Noel
Phone:  410-963-5474

Project consisted of, but not limited to the following upgrades performed in 4 phases: demolish and disposal at Chesapeake Bay Reef Replenishment Program, the existing concrete deck slab, precast concrete deck beams and railroad tracks in their entirety within the limits as noted on the contract drawings; perform concrete repairs at the existing crane beam, cap beams and facia walls by chipping out and removing all loose unsound concrete; replace corroded rebar as needed, then form and pump special corrosion inhibitor concrete to complete repairs; install fiberglass jacket encasements including zinc anode CP system around 30 exisiting piles; install new plumb or battered 24" square prestressed concrete piles; install 36 new precast concrete pile caps, 175 precast concrete slabs and 950 new reinforced concrete topping slabs; install 2 125-ton concrete bollards consisting of 8 new 16" square prestressed piles average length 95 LF, 56 CY of bollard foundation concrete, safety grating, plastic safety backing beams and tie-off hooks.

DMT Berths 11&12 (3)

DMT Berths 111&12 (2)

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