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Sanitary Sewer Plugging

Client: R.E. Harrington Plumbing & Heating

Project Start: July 10, 2013
Project Completion: July 20, 2013

MTI, Inc. Key Personnel: Project Manager - Terry Clarke
Project Superintendent – Steve Meyerer

This project located in Baltimore, MD, involved inspection and sealing of a 99 inch wastewater forced main under the Johns Hopkins Cancer Research building near Orleans Street.  This is where it was suspected that the parking garage was flooded when the pipe had surcharged and it was believed that the abandon laterals leaked into the garage.  MTI performed the HAZMAT dive during the night because the wet wells could hold the wastewater for longer periods of time.  The dive team video-inspected each abandon lateral then sealed them with mechanical plugs.  The dive team confirmed that the abandon laterals did not leak and the flooding was due to the storm and not the 99 inch main.



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